About Us

Congratulations are in order.  You’re getting married!

My name is Jane and I am the founder and owner of Sparkling Day Events.

We have many years of experience running wedding fairs and other similar events and are committed to helping to make your special day perfect.  Our wedding fairs exhibit the best professionals and businesses in the Birmingham and Black Country areas.

Our goal is to provide as much value as possible, give away as many freebies as possible, and help make your wedding perfect!

If you are like most engaged couples I meet you’re probably dreaming of the day you can buzz with excitement, knowing you have everything finally setup for your wedding day.

One bride I was speaking to had very specific tastes.  She had trouble finding the time to choose all the different businesses for her wedding.  She really wanted to spend time chatting face to face with them, and have chance to explore lots of different options.  She wanted an easier way to do this.

Plus, most wedding couples I speak to say they don’t feel they’ve spent enough time selecting the options for their wedding.

Your dreams of your wedding day have probably been with you for as long as you can remember.  You want to it to be perfect.  This probably means you’ve assigned yourself in charge of organising this thing!

Well, do you need a hand?

I thought you did.

Our wedding fairs offer you numerous passionate wedding specialists.  Each ready to give you their attention to make your day perfect.  From wedding photographers to jewellery to chocolate fountains.  All in one place!

I also wanted to tell you about the generous freebies and free prize draw we offer at our event.

These include:

  • Often if you pre-register for our events you are entered into a prize draw to win fabulous prizes.
  • We often offer a free welcome pack, containing goodies, all the details of the businesses present on the day, plus more businesses not present on the day.
  • Free admission, free parking, and friendly exhibitors to help and inspire you.

See our list of upcoming events in the menus above, or contact us for information