Samantha Jayne, a Saxophonist at Birmingham!

Samantha Jayne, a Saxophonist will be at the The Plough and Harrow Hotel in Birmingham this Sunday 20th March 2016, 12pm til 4pm. 
She has great talent and will be available to discuss your wedding vision along with 20+ other local wedding businesses on the day.
You can read more about her below.  The event is free entry and lots of freebies and special offers on the day, including free makeup in your welcome goodybag . Click here for details on the event!
This address is: The Plough and Harrow Hotel, 135 Hagley Rd, Birmingham B16 8LS
Remember to pre-register by sending a quick email for extra goodies.  Here are some words from them and pictures.

‘Samantha-Jayne is a self-taught saxophonist who only plays ‘by ear’.  She has toured the UK, Germany, and Miami with local Gospel bands. Samantha plays the soprano, Alto and Tenor Saxophones.  With the close resemblance of the saxophone to the human voice, combined with Samantha-Jayne’s warm sax tones and exceptional improvisational skills, her performances are full of emotion and expression.
‘Samantha-Jayne doesn’t just play, she makes her saxophones sing, as well as speak, to the listener.   She has a God-given talent which enables her to play almost any genre of music!’


P.S. Remember to pre-register by sending a quick email for more freebies!
P.P.S. details of the event can be found by clicking here

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